News! Which game would you like to own?

    By Viruzzz,

    Hi Wr3ngine Members,

    We are planning to expand our Cheating Experiences on new games (at the beginning only 1),

    which game would you prefer to cheat?


    Stiamo pensando di espandere le nostre conoscenze in campo di cheat anche su altri giochi (inizialmente soltanto 1),

    di quale gioco preferireste avere i cheat?

    Votate, Vote, Rate, Oran!

    (Please max 2 votes)

    Wr3ngine Reaches 15000 Members!

    By Viruzzz,


    Hey Guys.. Another amazing goal has been reached!

    All credits go to you Wr3ngine Members,

    Thank You All!


    Would you like to join Wr3ngine Staff? Write your applycation now Click Me!!


    VIP Updated 13/05/11 - New cool functions!

    By Viruzzz,


    Hi Guys! As you know, finally today WarRock has been updated to Chapter 3 BUT

    this isn't the only good news because in the last release we added a lot of new functions!


    Now i'm going to list them and explain how they work! ;)


    • Auto Team Switch (Your account automatically changes side NIU/Derb after every match)
    • Extra Range (You can kill any player from any distance using Knucles, Knife, etc..)
    • Damage Range (You can increase the damage range.. Try x100 throwing a bomb and you will understand :D)
    • Super Shot ( Rockets Shots are like normal shots, they explode instantly)
    • No Weapon Weight (Weapons don't have weight, using M134, you'll be as fast as when you use knucles)
    • Dead Kill (When someone kills you, you won't die completely and you will be able to kill other players. ps: Only within 5seconds)
    • Zombie GOD (Zombies can't kill you, you are invincible)
    • BoneShot! (You can choose where to hit the enemy, ex: Head,Legs,Arms,Neck, etc..)
    • Aimbot OnKey (You can aim anyone using your favorite key.. you can choose which one)

    And.. in the next releases we will add 2 new amazing functions, don't miss them!

    Buy VIP Now!

    (Payment Methods: DaoPay, PaySafeCard, Ricarica Cellulare)

    EDIT 14/05: Little bugs fixed and now PX Items by Weapon Binder are 100% Working on any class (Screen) (You have to buy at least Adrenalina to unlock 6Th Slots)

    EDIT 19/05: Remote Vehicle Control coming soon! :D